New to Dip?

Everything you need to get started:

4 Nail Polish bottles of (1) Pro Base (1) Activator (1) Finishing Gel (1) Liquid Brush Softener and two 1 ounce jars of (1) EMCHI Clear/Base and (1) Dip Powder #042 in Pink

Dip Powder Starter Kit


Achieve a salon-quality dip powder manicure at home with the EMCHI Dip Powder Starter Kit. Featuring everything you need for a stronger more vibrant nail treatment, discover how easy it is with our starter kit.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Step 1: Pro Base
  • (1) Step 2: Activator
  • (1) Step 3: Finishing Gel
  • (1) Liquid Brush Softener
  • (1) EMCHI Clear/Base 1oz.
  • (1) Dip Powder #042 in Pink 1oz

EMCHI dip powder manicure lasts up to 3 weeks. Unlike regular nail polishes, EMCHI Dip Powders keep your manicure from chipping and won't damage your nail bed.
Ditch traditional acrylics and switch to EMCHI Dip Powders.

Priced as Marked

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At Home Dip Powder Removal Kit. Pictured: Nail Nipper Cuticle Pusher Acetone Remover (2 oz.) Nail File Nail Buffer