Emchi Nail Products


One of the challenges of creating a new business is defining what makes a business differ from every other similar business. Like every other dip powder brand, it is always a mission to give exceptional customer service, quality product and creating a strong business model.

EMCHI (em-chee¢) is a business that differs from every other Dip Powder business because we are dedicated to treating our customers like family. The name EMCHI, comes from the Vietnamese languagemeaning, “Little sister, big sister”.The business is family-owned and operated and is dedicated to establishing a loyal and personalized relationship with each of its customers.

The Dip Powder product that Emchiis promoting is made in America and is a safe and healthy alternative to traditional acrylics and gel polish.  It produces a perfect French manicure as well as offering 150 colors. The benefits of this product include:

+   Does not damage natural nail bed
+   Odor free
+   No UV light
+   Maintains healthy nail with vitamin E and calcium
+   Quick and easy to apply

Since introducing this product at Art of Beauty Nail & Hair Salon, 90% of its clientele has switched to the dip powder system. It is absolutely the wave of the future for nail salons and Emchiis here to meet your needs, including providing the technical assistance on how to apply the product.