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Dip Powder Starter Kit

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Achieve a salon-quality dip manicure at-home with the EMCHI® Dip Powder Starter Kit

Discover nails that last for up to 3 weeks and designed to be ultra-durable, long-lasting, and damage-free to your natural nail beds with safe removal in under 15 minutes.

Includes Everything You Need:


3-Step Liquid Applicators ・ 0.5 fl oz. (15mL)

Includes Step 1: Probase, Step 2: Activator, and Step 3: Finishing Gel, to create a flawless, durable and long-lasting dip manicure every time.


Clear Base Powder ・ 1.0 oz. (28g)

The foundation of your dip manicure, our base powder is clear so you can use it with any color to help build a strong foundation, while protecting your natural nail bed.

Your Choice of Dip Color ・ 1.0 oz. (28g)

All Starter Kits include your choice of Dip Powder color! All of our dip powders are Made in the USA, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Odorless, and Non-Toxic.

Liquid Brush Softener ・ 0.5 fl oz. (15mL)

We've included our Liquid Brush Softener for you, to help keep your Liquid Applicator bottles in top-condition and help loosen any hardening that may occur with regular use.

Learn Dip Powder with our Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Grab a Removal Kit: just $16

At-Home Dip Powder Removal Kit

a $29.99 value, for just $16 with your Starter Kit. Includes everything you need to take off your dip manicure, including Acetone remover, Cotton Balls, Foil, plus nail tools to help clean and prep your natural nails!

Expand Your Color Collection, Add a Set of 3 for just $29:

Special Offer: Add a 3-Color Extra Set

a $41.99 value, for just $29 with your Starter Kit. Includes Three (3) 1 oz. Dip Colors from your chosen set. Available in both solid and shimmering glitter finishes.

#DipOfPerfection - EMCHI

Nail Inspiration

We believe in creating the highest caliber of nail products, that are designed to create beautiful finishes, and are made responsibly.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan     Made in the USA

Recyclable Packaging     Non-Toxic

Fortified with Vitamin E & Calcium

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Dip Powder Starter Kit

Dip Powder Starter Kit

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