Made in the USA • Cruelty-Free • Odor-Free • No UV-Light Required

Dip Powder is easy to apply at-home, with results that last for up to three weeks, without chipping or cracking
If this is your first time getting started with Dip Powder, the EMCHI Starter Kit has everything you need and is the best option. Including application liquids, dip powders and instructions, we'd recommend starting with this kit.
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Prep Your Nails

Before you begin, and most importantly, make sure you thoroughly wash and sanitize your hands and fingernails. Then, push back your cuticles and gently file and buff your nails, just enough to remove the shine.

Once your nails are prepped you're ready to get started with applying the Dip Powder system. Even though EMCHI Dip Powders are odor-free, we recommend performing nail treatments in a well-ventilated area, as dip powders are very fine and may become airborne during application. 

Step 1: Apply the Dip Powder

🏷Step 1: Pro Base, Clear/Base, Dip Powder.

Unlike traditional dipping systems, EMCHI has created an incredibly simple 3-Step Liquid Application process, that securely binds dip powder without causing damage to your natural nails. You'll find that our dip treatments typically last for up to three weeks and don't chip or crack. 

EMCHI Dip Powder - Made in the USA & Cruelty-Free

  • Start by apply the Step 1: Pro Base, applying it to the top half of your nail, then quickly dip your nail into the Clear/Base Powder. Tap-off the excess.
  • Then, apply Step 1: Pro Base again to your entire nail, then quickly dip your nail into your Dip Powder color. Tap-off the excess. 
  • Repeat these steps for all of your nails until you have one coat of Clear/Base and two coats of your chosen Dip Powder color.
  • Then, seal off your first layer with a final application of Step 1: Pro Base.

    Step 2: Sealing the Dip Powder

    🏷Nail FileStep 2: Activator

    After you've applied the first layer of Dip Powder, the next step EMCHI Dip Powder System helps securely seal the dip powder and prevent any chips or cracks. 

    • Apply a coat of Step 2: Activator to all of your nails. Let them dry for about 30 seconds, ensuring your cover the edges of each nail and capping off the tips. 
    • Then, gently buffer away any excess dip powder from your cuticle area using a file and buffer. Brush away any excess dip powders or buffering. 
    • Seal the second coat with another application of Step 2: Activator, wiping off any excess with a dry paper towel.  

    Step 3: Sealing the Dip Powder

    🏷Step 3: Finishing Gel

    For the final layer, the Finishing Gel offers you a gorgeous shine, and one more lasting layer to stand up to simple scratches and chips. 

    • Apply a coat of Step 3: Finishing Gel to half of your nail using three quick brush strokes, over the left, middle and right-sides of your nails. 
    • Next, apply a second coat of Step 3: Finishing Gel slowly covering your entire nail. Be sure to cover the edges of your nails and the tips. 
    • Let your nails dry for at least 60 seconds before you've successfully completed your dip powder treatment!
    Pro Tip: The EMCHI Liquid Brush Softener: Overtime, you may notice your brushes start to harden or stick. With the EMCHI Liquid Brush Softener, apply a little bit of Liquid Brush Softener to your hardened EMCHI brushes and you'll be able to continue using them, helping eliminate waste. 

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    Storage + Safety Info
    We recommend storing Dip Powder for up to 12-months unopened, and Liquids for up to 6-months unopened in a cool, dark place, under 176F / 80C. Keep away from children and do not consume.

    About EMCHI 
    A family-owned and operated business, our Dip Powder System offers salon-quality treatments with a simple 3-Step Application Process. Choose from over 180 different colors of Dip Powder, Made in the USA and Never Tested on Animals (Cruelty-Free!). 
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