Getting Started: Basic Dip Powder Manicures

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How-To: Basic Dip Powder Manicures

Prep Time: 3-5 minutes

Application: 15-30 minutes

Dry Time: 1-2 minutes

You'll Need:

- Any Color Dip Powder

- Clear/Base Powder

- Pro Base

- Activator

- Finishing Gel

- Nail File / Buffer

- Cuticle Pusher

- Nail Nipper

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Before You Begin: Prep Your Nails

Before you begin your dip powder treatment, make sure you properly prep your nails. First, thoroughly wash and sanitize your hands and fingernails, then push-back your cuticles and gently file and buff your nails (just enough to remove the shine).


1. Apply Clear Base Powder Coat

Start by applying the Step 1: Pro Base to the top half of your nail, then quickly dip it into the Clear Base Powder. Tap-off any excess powder.

Repeat for each nail, so you have 1 coat of Clear Base Powder on every nail. 


2. Dip!

Next, cover your entire nail with the Pro Base, and dip all the way into the Dip Powder color you'd like to use. Tap-off any excess powder and repeat so you have 2 coats of color on each nail.

Then, add a final coat of Pro Base to each nail. 


3. Seal & Finish

Apply a coat of Step 2: Activator to all of your nails. Let them dry for about 30 seconds, ensuring your cover the edges of each nail and capping off the tips. 
Then, gently buffer away any excess dip powder from your cuticle area using a file and buffer. Brush away any excess dip powders or buffering. 
Seal the second coat with another application of Step 2: Activator, wiping off any excess with a dry paper towel. 

Apply a coat of Step 3: Finishing Gel to half of your nail using three quick brush strokes, over the left, middle and right-sides of your nails. 
Next, apply a second coat of Step 3: Finishing Gel slowly covering your entire nail. Be sure to cover the edges of your nails and the tips. 
Let your nails dry for at least 60 seconds before you've successfully completed your dip powder treatment! 

Pro Tip: The EMCHI Liquid Brush Softener: Overtime, you may notice your brushes start to harden or stick. With the EMCHI Liquid Brush Softener, apply a little bit of Liquid Brush Softener to your hardened EMCHI brushes and you'll be able to continue using them, helping eliminate waste. 

Storage + Safety Info 
We recommend storing Dip Powder for up to 12-months unopened, and Liquids for up to 6-months unopened in a cool, dark place, under 176F / 80C. Keep away from children and do not consume.

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