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Removing your at-home dip powder treatment takes less than 20-minutes! 
We recommend using our EMCHI Dip Powder Removal Kit for the best results. If you had your manicure completed by a salon professional, we suggest allowing them to remove it during your next treatment and use this Removal Kit for manicures you do yourself at home.

This kit works great for dip, acrylic or gel manicures! 

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Pro Tip: If you need some extras, the Tools & Accessories shop has it available.

Step 1: File & Prep for Acetone

  • Start by cutting down your dip, gel or acrylic.
  • Use a file (or a drill) to gently begin to break through the layers of dip powder, filing down as close to your natural nails as possible.

    Step 2: Wrap for 15-Minutes 

    • Start by soaking a cotton ball in the acetone solution, one for each nail.
    • Set the solution-soaked cotton ball on your nail and wrap tightly using the aluminum foil. Repeat individually for each nail.
    • Wait 10-15 minutes to allow the solution to soak onto your nails.

    Step 3: Clean & Buff

    • Unwrap your nails, wipe off any excess solution and remove the melted products from your nails. 
    • Using the cuticle pusher, remove any remaining product and excess cuticle; then remove any hangnails with the nail nipper.
    • Buff and shape your natural nail
    Pro Tip: Apply a small amount of nourishing nail cuticle oil to moisturize.   

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