How To Use Dip Powder for one color

1. Sanitize hands  and push back the eponychium and clean the surrounding nail plate of any excess cuticle and use the fine drill bit or  180 file to remove shine from  the natural nails, then use buffer.

2. Apply a thin coat of #1 Gel Base to cover 40% of the nail bed, then dip finger into clear Dipping Powder. Tap off the excess product immediately.

3. Apply a second coat of #1 Gel Base to cover 90% of the natural nail, then dip finger into your chosen Dipping Powder, using a scooping motion. Tap off the excess product immediately.Repeat on the remaining nails.

4. Apply a third coat of #1 Gel Base, this time over the entire nail. Tap off the excess product and repeat on the remaining nails.

5. Apply a final coat of Gel Base on the entire nails.

6. Apply a coat of #2 Activator on all nails. Allow the activator to dry for 20 seconds. Be sure to cover edges and cap off the tips of the nails.

7. Once dry, shape the nail, smooth and refine the surface of the nail using 100/180 side file or a drill can be gently used to remove excess powder from the cuticle area. Then use buffer.

8. Have customer rinse hands with water, no soap. Dry fingers/hands. If you do not want to wash hands, you can use a brush to dust off all particles.

9. Apply another coat of #2 Activator over the nail and wait for 20 second. Wipe off the access Activator on the nail with a dry paper towel.

10. Apply two thin coats of #3 Finish Gel. Apply this first coat to ¾ of the nail and should be applied in 2-3 very quick brush strokes. Then apply a slower, more detailed second coat of #3 Finish Gel to entire nail. Be sure to cover edges and cap off the tips of the nails. Repeat on the remaining nails.

11. After nails have air dried for 1-2 minutes, finish with applying Nourish NailCuticle Oil to moisturize.